Before & After

Heidi - Orthodontic Correction

Heidi got the smile she always wanted with braces and instant Zoom teeth whitening at the Balnarring Dental Centre. It only took 9 months! No veneers and no cosmetic dental treatment needed.

Ros - Procedure

Ros transformed her smile with our incredible All On 4 treatment. This procedure helped her achieve a gorgeous full smile once again. She was overwhelmed with the results and now feels confident to show off her beautiful smile to the world.

Lauren - Orthodontic Correction

Minor changes can have big results. Lauren achieved this beautiful smile in only 6 months! She had braces, professional teeth whitening and regular dental hygiene appointments at the Balnarring Dental Centre to make this possible.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers can change your entire smile in just a few weeks. If you don’t like your smile, they can make a huge difference in giving you back that confidence to smile freely again.

Georgia - Orthodontic Treatment

Georgia got amazing results using the most modern dental alignment technology at the Balnarring Dental Centre. Who knew this could be achieved in just 18 months? She’s so pleased with her results and with the newfound confidence in her smile.

Tameeka - Orthodontic Correction

Tameeka got a beautiful white smile just in time for her wedding day! In just 9 months she had a complete smile makeover using braces and instant Zoom teeth whitening.  

Lynn - procedure

Robyn - Procedure