Before & After

Heidi - Orthodontic Correction

Heidi got the smile she always wanted with braces and instant Zoom teeth whitening at the Balnarring Dental Centre. It only took 9 months! No veneers and no cosmetic dental treatment needed.

Lauren - Orthodontic Correction

Minor changes can have big results. Lauren achieved this beautiful smile in only 6 months! She had braces, professional teeth whitening and regular dental hygiene appointments at the Balnarring Dental Centre to make this possible.

June - Porcelain Veneers

June got amazing results using the most modern dental veneers technology at the Balnarring Dental Centre. Who knew this could be achieved in just a few hours? She achieved this while keeping her natural teeth using conservative dental treatment.

Tameeka - Orthodontic Correction

Tameeka got a beautiful white smile just in time for her wedding day! In just 9 months she had a complete smile makeover using braces and instant Zoom teeth whitening.  

Lynn - procedure

Robyn - Procedure