We love to Sing and Dance - Parody Video

Did you know we made our very own parody music video at the Balnarring Dental Centre?

It all started months ago when Dr Tiv heard the song "Can't Feel my Face" by the Weeknd. You see, the lyrics of the song go "I can't feel my face when I'm with you" and Dr Tiv thought to himself that this is such a dentist song and that the original video clip was being wasted. So he thought he would rectify the issue.

He went to Darina and said "Let's make our own music video to this song by the Weeknd". Darina imagined that this would be a lame iPhone video with awkward dancing by Dr Tiv and quickly said "You can't make a music video and you don't have the time!"

Well, those of you who know Dr Tiv, would know that there is no better way of setting him a challenge than by saying he couldn't do something. So he very quickly recruited a video production company "Indimax" and dancers "Dance Lab". He cast actors and actresses for the main part and recruited friends to be the extras. They only had one day for the entire shoot - a huge feat in itself if you know anything about video productions.

The story of the music video follows a guy that likes a girl but has such bad teeth that she won't even give him a go. He is introduced to the lovely professionals at the Balnarring Dentist and through song and dance becomes transformed to try again for his beauty.

Numb with You - Before


Numb with You - Transition

The Help

Numb with You - The Girl

The Girl

Numb with You - After


When the video was first released, MGM (recording studio) and Youtube took it down as they didn't think it was a parody and claimed copyright issues.

Dr Tiv, soon fixed that by getting his Oral Health Therapist, Thusheka, to rewrite the lyrics and then getting a singer to rerecord the audio. NOW, you get to see the final results. Enjoy and remember... that your caring dental professionals can do more than just look after your teeth :-)

We have so much fun at the Balnarring Dental Centre. When Dr Tiv heard the Weeknd's song "Can't Feel My Face" he thought is was such a dentist song that we had to make our own version of it - Enjoy.