Ultimate Dental Experience

At the Balnarring Dental Centre, we have a strong focus on providing our patients with an unforgettable dental experience. With Award Winning Customer Service and our World Class Dentists, Hygienists and Nurses you are sure to receive the best care possible.

Our Dentists are dedicated, gentle and incredibly talented, as well as being understanding that you may be a little nervous when put in the dental chair. While our Hygienists take extra special care on each and everyone of our patients, providing fully extensive hygiene treatment, you won’t be coming in for “just a clean”!

Did we mention we also have above head TV’s so that you can watch the latest and greatest movies and TV’s show while you get your dental treatment?! We also provide noise cancelling headphones to block out the sound of the drills so you can sit back and enjoy your movie of choice or even your favourite playlist.

Plus for extra comfort, we offer cosy blankets and neck supporting pillows during your treatment. Our dental chairs are very comfortable but sometimes we need a little extra support!