Ms Darina

Darina is our experienced dental hygienist and oral health therapist who has a bachelor degree from the University of Melbourne Dental School and a masters majoring in Preventative Dentistry at Monash. Darina is passionate about dentistry and is often complemented on how gentle and caring she is. She was approached by Charles Sturt University in 2014 where she now teaches the future generation of dental hygienists part time. Darina recently won the prestigious award for “best clinical skills with an emphasis on patient care and management” from the Melbourne School of Dental Science. Her expertise makes her ideal in working hand-in-hand with our dentists helping our patients maintain the health of their mouths and aiding them with effective hygiene habits and procedures. During her spare time she enjoys watercolour painting. If you pay careful attention you may even see some of her artworks hanging on the walls of the dental clinic.

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