There are two main reasons patients receive this treatment; Muscle Relaxants or Cosmetic Purposes. Keep reading down below to discover the benefits for each.

Muscle Relaxants

A prime example of this is clenching and grinding, which is a common subconscious habit that generally happens at night time and can be extremely damaging to your teeth. This habit can lead to sore muscles of mastication (chewing muscles) but can also lead to things such as headaches, migraines and neck/shoulder pain; which can significantly affect your quality of life. Luckily, Muscle Relaxants can help ease these muscles and discourage your bad clenching/grinding habits!

  • Muscle relaxants can be used relax over worked face muscles.

  • Our trained dentists use a muscle relaxant that is very safe, high quality and effective product, using a procedure that has barely any negative risks/side effects when used properly

  • These muscle relaxants take up to 2 weeks to have an effect, with affects lasting for 4-6 months, depending on your metabolism

  • Muscle Relaxants allows your muscles to relax, alleviate pain in joints, muscles, headaches, neck and shoulder pain

Areas muscles relaxants can treat;

  • Masseter Muscles (jaw)

  • Temporalis Muscles (temples)

  • Frontalis Muscles (forehead)

Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Injections can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately as the face has many little muscles that contract hundreds of times a day, wrinkles and creasing are just a part of the aging process. But that doesn’t mean we have to live with them! With age our skin begins to thin out, become dehydrated and lose elasticity. Our skins ability to ‘bounce back’ or protect itself also decreases as we grow older. That’s where Cosmetic Injections (or as we like to call it, LIQUID GOLD) steps in. Cosmetic Injections can be used to treat many areas of the face and can make a significant difference to your skins appearance.

Areas Cosmetic Injections can treat;

  • Crows Feet

  • Forehead Lines

  • Frown Lines

  • Bunny Lines

  • Brow Lift

  • Chin

If you would like more information on our Muscle Relaxants or Cosmetic Injections, you can book a FREE consultation with one of our Clinicians. Please contact us on 5983 5348 to book your appointment.