My name is Thusheka and I’m one of the Oral Health Therapists here at the Balnarring Dental Centre.  I grew up with a strong passion to work in the medical/health industry and fortunately landed myself in the dental field. After completing my Bachelors degree at The University of Melbourne, I began my journey as a professional here in Balnarring. 

I’ve been very spoilt and blessed not only by amazing patients whom I’ve developed strong relationships with but also my fellow colleagues who I can rely on as friends and family. Working on the peninsula has its perks; such as limited traffic congestion, access to beautiful coastal views minutes away and of course Degrossi’s freshly squeezed apple juice. 

When I’m not working, I’m usually spending quality time with my large extended family and my network of friends from university, work and through family.  My immediate family- my parents, my two sisters and my gorgeous fluff boy (Cavoodle) Simba are who I spend most of my time with. In my spare time, I learn and teach singing and participate in Indian classical/religious music concerts, go to the temple with my family, and participate in Youth and charity events through a Sri-lankan Tamil organisation I am part of. I enjoy reading books (Harry Potter fanatic), shopping online, instore, anywhere I can really within reason, exploring new food places and indulging in a variety of sweet treats (don’t worry- I floss extra well) & lastly trying to keep fit by playing indoor soccer, cricket and boxing at my gym. 

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